Petr Dubinsky

Government Extends Lockdown Through Easter

Anti-COVID restrictions on movement and other measures will continue to apply after March 21, when it was initially announced. Today, the government extended the measures until the end of the state of emergency. It is still valid until March 28, but the cabinet wants to extend it.

According to the Minister of Health Jan Blatný, the measure should last until the end of Easter. Today, the government has only partially eased, for example, restrictions on sports and leisure activities, when people in the village will be able to play sports without veils and go for a walk beyond the village limits. The spread of covid-19 continued to slow on Wednesday. On the contrary, the number of vaccinated was one of the highest.

The Cabinet will keep measures in force after the weekend, which will restrict movement between districts from the beginning of March due to the fight with covid-19. However, it will now allow people to play sports and go out into nature in their entire home district, said Blatný. According to government regulations, people could go for sports and go on trips in the village. Athletes will now also be able to be in built-up areas of municipalities without a veil, keeping the spacing.

The measures are to apply until the end of the emergency state, which ends on March 28. However, the government will discuss its extension on Monday. According to the government’s original statements, stricter measures were to apply for three weeks. Blatný said today that the epidemic situation has improved within three weeks thanks to compliance with the measures but remains critical in hospitals. According to the Minister, the state of emergency measures should be extended until Easter, including April 5. To prolong the situation, the government needs the consent of the Chamber of Deputies.