Green Party Backs Drahos in Presidential Election

Jiri Drahos

Ceska Trebova, East Bohemia, (CTK) – The Greens support Jiri Drahos as the presidential candidate against incumbent President Milos Zeman in the second round of the vote, Matous Vencalek, a member of the party board, told journalists today.


The party has called on its members and supporters to actively join the campaign for the second round, set for January 26-27.


“We believe that Drahos will be a dignified president, that he will respect the constitution and laws. He is aware of all real challenges of the present time,” Vencalek said.


The Greens are in a contact with Drahos’s team and their volunteers help him in the campaign.


At the party conference, which started on Saturday, badges and billboards in favour of Drahos were distributed.


The Greens also called on the government to reject one-off plastic bags in its policy statement and to support alternative, environment-friendly products.


“The Greens have also expressed support for Polish women. Instead of an expected liberalisation of legislation, they must face again the threat of an even stricter abortion rules because the Polish parliament rejected the bill that was to liberalise them there,” Vencalek said.


On Saturday, the Greens elected their new leader, Prague 4 Mayor Petr Stepanek.


The post of first deputy chairman will be held by Magdalena Davis, a trained biologist and environment manager.


In the October general election, the party only received 1.5 percent of the vote, due to which it is not eligible for the state contribution.