GreenGo electric car-sharing service

Matt Atlas

GreenGo Expands EV Carsharing To Prague

GreenGo, a Hungarian carsharing service, has officially launched in Prague.

The startups’ service launches with 100 Volkswagen e-up! electric vehicles in Prague. The company expects the number of cars to double within three months.

The company has no brick and mortar locations. Cars are available for rent on the GreenGo mobile app, which provides users with car locations and battery charge levels. GreenGo’s current service area, where its vehicles are located, covers Prague 1 and 2 and the inner parts of the Prague 3 to 10 districts.

GreenGo entered the Czech market with three years of experience in Budapest, where it operates 300 cars, and its services are used by several tens of thousands of regular clients.

GreenGo joins the ranks of car-sharing companies re.volt, Car4Way, and Autonapul, which operate over 1,000 vehicles in Prague.

Škoda Auto plans to offer electric car sharing under the WeShare brand in Prague, this year with Volkswagen. Volkswagen has launched the WeShare service in Berlin, where it uses the Golf electric model.