Jan Hamacek Andrej Babis

Petr Dubinsky

Hamacek: Zero Progress Made In Talks Over Culture Minister

Andrej Babiš, Jan Hamacek

The stalemate over the nominee for Culture Minister continues as both parties refuse to make any concessions in the negotiations.

President Milos Zeman and Prime Minister Andrej Babis both contend the Social Democrats nominee Michal Smarda is not qualified for the position and must be replaced by a new candidate.

Social Democrat chairman Jan Hamacek told reporters there was zero progress in the meeting today. The CSSD stands behind their nominee and has no plans to replace him, he added.

This fight is not over a single nominee. It’s about a President who refuses to abide by the constitution, Hamacek said.

The Social Democrats are threatening to leave the government over the dispute. But have not yet set a deadline for doing so.

Babis and Zeman will hold talks on the matter on Tuesday.