Matt Atlas

Health Ministry Is Hunting Origin Of Olympic Team Outbreak

It will be possible to determine the first infected among the members of the Czech Olympic team in Tokyo after complete genotyping of individual positive covid-19 samples. The Prague Hygiene Station (HSHMP), which is investigating on behalf of the Ministry of Health, said in a press release today, The hygiene station now monitors and collects important information that it will need for its analysis.

Before today’s ceremonial opening of the games, six cases of positive tests for covid-19 appeared in the Czech team. Beach volleyball player Markéta Nausch Sluková, road cyclist Michal Schlegel and table tennis player Pavel Širuček lost their start at the games. Beach volleyball player Ondřej Perušič still has a chance to start. All of them were transported to Japan by an aviation special, and the coach of beach volleyball players Simon Nausch also had a positive test, and tennis player Vlastimil Voráček was the first to arrive immediately after their arrival.

“In summary, it can be stated that important information is currently being monitored and collected, which will then need to be analyzed in detail,” the HSHMP said in a press release. It finds out information about tests performed before the trip, as well as possible contact of the aircraft crew with passengers. It collects data on athletes and their teams, performed examinations, information on the type of tests, the order of sitting in the aircraft or the health status of passengers and their vaccinations.

Based on this information, the hygienists want to verify whether all requirements have been met before departure, but also to estimate the degree of further risk of spreading the disease among athletes.

According to the hygienic station, it will be possible to find out whether one of the positively tested ones is the original source of the infection only if the necessary data are available. “If a complete evaluation of the test results is available, it is possible to try to identify the possible source of the infection. Without complete genotyping of individual positive virus seizures in Japan, the so-called patient zero will not be determined. This information will be affected by distance,” HSHMP said.