Hyundai Nosovice Plant

William Malcolm

Hyundai Nošovice Cuts Production Amid Global Auto Market Slowdown

Nošovice car manufacturer Hyundai has cut production. Every second Monday until the end of this year, its employees will be home with a 70 percent salary. The company is responding to a decrease in car sales by reducing production.


The plant is still operating above its production capacity. “We keep the pace of production, which is more than 1,400 vehicles a day. We solved the situation by introducing several non-production days in the month, during which the production employees have 70% of the time off,” he added.


Meanwhile, the car factory, which employs over 3,000 people, is not going to lay off. They want to retain employees for next year when they expect to increase production in connection with the introduction of new models.


Liberty Steel plant in Ostrava has taken similar steps. Its employees can either use their vacation time or receive 70 percent of their salary.