Hyundai Nošovice Ships 1 Millionth Tucson

Hyundai Nosovice Plant

Hyundai’s Nošovice plant has produced its one-millionth Hyundai Tucson. The Tucson was the first sport-utility vehicle manufactured in the Czech Republic.


Production of Tucson began in Nošovice in June 2015. Of the 1,500 cars the factory produces every day, nearly 1,100 are Tucson’s. The automaker also produces five versions of the Hyundai i30.


The Nošovice factory is the only Hyundai plant in the European Union. It employs 3,300 people directly, and its subcontractors employ 8,700 people.


Hyundai generated profits of CZK 7.22 billion on CZK 129.26 billion in sales last year and manufactured 340,300 cars. This year it plans to produce 318,000 vehicles.