Pavel Bykov CEO and Founder IP Fabric

Matt Atlas

IP Fabric Raises €3.5M Series A

IP Fabric, a network management software provider, has secured €3.5 million in a Series A funding round led by Senovo and Presto Ventures.

The leading investor of the A series is the German fund Senovo operating from Berlin and Munich. The Czech Republic is not new to this group. In 2018 Senovo invested an unspecified amount in the Prague project Manta.

The German investors were also joined by Credo Ventures, which had already invested in the initial seed round and the domestic fund Presto Ventures. It was formerly known as Bohemia Venture Capital, led by Přemysl Rubeš. Filip Doušek also joined the investment in IP Fabric within the A series. He is one of the founders of the startup Stories, who bought the American Workday in 2018 and built a development center in Prague.

The company was founded by Pavel Bykov, Roman Aprias, and Miroslav Hybl. They had experience in building and managing large computer networks. They have developed a software tool that can provide detailed information about networks that operate around the world.

“Customers are using IP Fabric as a foundation for network automation solutions and for sound network strategy planning. But the security teams also love our solution – IP Fabric reveals previously hidden risks, such as critical systems that were not previously monitored or firewall bypasses. Overall, it creates a single source of truth for the network infrastructure,” Pavel Bykov, founder and CEO of IP Fabric, said.

IP Fabric’s automated network assurance platform provides plug and play intent-based networking technology to network and security engineering teams. Current customers using IP Fabric to secure smooth network operations and avoid outages include Airbus, SAP, and Major League Baseball.

The money from the current investment will go to research and development, customer support, and sales and marketing.