Milos Zeman Andrej Babis


Jiri Pospisil (TOP 09): Babis-Zeman Power Pact Evident

Prague, Feb 9 (CTK) – President Milos Zeman has indirectly given up the effort to have a majority coalition government in the Czech Republic, Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) deputy chairman Marian Jurecka told journalists today.


Jurecka stressed that Zeman had dropped his demand that Prime Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) in resignation should submit 101 signatures from deputies ready to back his government to him.


TOP 09 deputy chairwoman Marketa Pekarova Adamova said Zeman’s views were as stable as the current weather.


The two parties’ representatives discussed the situation before the second round of government-forming talks, conducted by Babis.


They agreed that no intensive talks were underway and the time passed since the October general elections was wasted.


Babis’s first government did not receive confidence in the Chamber of Deputies.


Most parties are reluctant to back the government as they are against his becoming the prime minister because he is criminally prosecuted over an EU subsidy fraud.


At first, Zeman set the condition of 101 deputies, but recently he changed his mind.


Jurecka said Zeman’s decision had taken him by surprise.


“All of us know that he said he would want the guarantee of 101 votes for the second attempt. Now it is no more valid and he is speaking about the majority of those present,” Jurecka said.


“In doing so, Zeman has indirectly made it clear that as the president he has given up the idea that a majority government which will have over 101 votes will be ruling for the next four years,” Jurecka said.


TOP 09 leader Jiri Pospisil said the Thursday meeting of Zeman and Babis had shown that their pact continued. He had in mind Babis’ backing Zeman in the recent presidential runoff.


Babis was given generous conditions from Zeman, thanks to which he is enjoying a big advantage, Pospisil said.


“Let us hope that he will adopt a more responsible approach and will not fail like before,” Pospisil said.


The Christian Democrats repeated that they were ready to cooperate with ANO, but on condition that no criminally prosecuted person would be in the government.


TOP 09 representatives said there was a virtual coalition in the Chamber of Deputies, comprised of ANO, the Communists (KSCM) and Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD).


“It is only a matter of time when other parties will join them, but the basic coalition will be formed by the trio,” Pospisil said.


He said he was alarmed at ANO, along with the KSCM and SPD, working on the general referendum bill in recent days.


“In our view, this fulfils the programme (of the SPD) to leave NATO and the EU,” Pospisil said.