Karel Komarek

Petr Dubinsky

KKCG Estimates Hundreds Of Millions In Damages Following Tornado

Yesterday’s tornado, which swept over southern Moravia, means huge losses for local companies. In the Hodonín region, for example, they damaged the KKCG group of Karel Komárek – specifically the newly built technology park of the energy company MND or the data center of the DataSpring company. The element also damaged the production area of Groz-Beckert Czech, which is currently out of operation. Larger and smaller companies from the region are gradually adding up the damage.

One of the most damaged is the KKCG group, which estimates the number of damages at hundreds of millions of crowns. As a result of the natural disaster, the buildings of the Lusatian MND Drilling and Services complex as well as the Main Mining Rescue Service (HBZS) in the same village were fundamentally destroyed. According to the group, the local laboratories and the warehouse of geological material were also severely damaged. As well as from the HBZS building, valuable laboratory equipment is transported from here, which remains undamaged.

Important, according to the group’s spokeswoman Dana Dvořáková, is that there were no oil or gas leaks and mining was interrupted in time in the affected locality. “After the necessary inspection, it will be resumed and the mining will not be significantly affected,” reads a KKCG press release, in which the group also announced that Komárek is sending immediate financial support in the amount of 150 million crowns to the Hodonín region.

There is also a modern data center of the DataSpring company in the Lusatia complex. The natural disaster damaged the building envelope, including the office space, which forced the data center to go into crisis mode. “The data room is currently in a stable state and we are dealing with the secure provision of power supply, cooling, and connectivity. At present, we can provide services to our customers without restrictions, “says Jaroslav Biolek, a member of the Board of Directors of Aricoma Group, to which DataSpring belongs.

The tornado also damaged the factory of the manufacturer of industrial machine needles Groz-Beckert Czech. The plant is currently out of order and adding up the damage. “The element caused considerable damage to buildings and affected our production facilities to an unknown extent. Electricity supplies have been interrupted and it is not yet known when they will be fully resumed. According to the latest reports, four of our colleagues were injured, “said Markéta Cábová, marketing, and communications specialist at Groz-Beckert Czech.

The wind vortex also caused problems for energy distributors. In the morning, there were over 75,000 consumption points in the Czech Republic without electricity supply, mainly belonging to the EG.D distribution network from the E.ON group. There are about 2.5 thousand customers in South Moravia without natural gas supplies, said the distribution company GasNet, to whose distribution network the local gas system belongs.

However, CEZ did not remain without problems in the region either. Yesterday’s tornado significantly damaged one of its thirteen photovoltaic power plants, the Pánov solar park. “It can be said that the power plant no longer exists in its original form. We are now determining the exact extent and amount of damages. It is not possible to say how long it will take to rebuild it now, “said Barbora Peterová, a spokeswoman for the group. The company records only minor damage to the remaining photovoltaic power plants.