William Malcolm

Kofola Sees 4% Growth In 2019

The Kofola beverage group’s revenue grew 4.1 percent to CZK 6.4 billion in 2019. EBIT rose by 2.9 percent to CZK 569.5 million and EBITDA by 5.9 percent to CZK 1.12 billion.

“The last quarter, higher sales in the HoReCa segment (hotels, restaurants, and other food operations) and especially the brands Royal Crown Cola, Jupí syrups and Semtex energy drinks,” Kofola said.

Kofola Group CEO Jannis Samaras said the company outperformed the plan by 3.6 percent, despite worse weather and rising costs. Kofola made significant structural changes last year when it sold companies in Poland and Russia.

The company cultivates its own herbs and promotes the use of returnable glass bottles in restaurant operations. Kofola also reduces the weight of bottles and lids and hence the consumption of plastic.

In the Czech and Slovak Republics, Kofola was successful last year in the HoReCa segment, where its market share in the Czech Republic increased to 27.8 percent and in Slovakia to 41.2 percent.

Kofola has nine bottling plants in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, and Poland. Kofola products included Rajec, Jupí, Vinea, Jupík, Semtex, and Top Topic. Kofola employs 2,000, of which 700 are in the Czech Republic. The company is based in Ostrava’s Poruba district.