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Matt Atlas

Komarek Buys Piano’s Rejected By China Over Taiwan Row

Czech billionaire Karel Komárek announced that his family foundation purchased pianos from Petrof after a Chinese customer canceled their order in protest of Senate President Miloš Vystrčil’s visit to Taiwan. The foundation will distribute the eleven pianos to Czech schools. The shipment of pianos to China is worth 200,000 euros.

According to the president and owner of Petrof, Zuzana Ceralová, Petrofová, a customer in Beijing, said that there was talk in China that the Chinese government wanted to impose sanctions on the Czech Republic and its goods and that he did not want to pay fines. “He asked us to cancel the delivery,” Ceralová Petrofová told reporters.

“We decided to buy the pianos as soon as we found out about the problem. My wife and I agreed that our foundation would immediately donate them to Czech schools. We want the eleven instruments to become a symbol of Czech pride and cohesion,” Komarek said.

Ceralová Petrofová appreciated Komárek’s step and calling it generous. “We are glad that our pianos will reach Czech schools. I was surprised by the speed and determination he approached this unplanned business,” she said. According to her, the delivery is available in warehouses in Hradec Králové, and nothing prevents its distribution.

In the coming days, the KKFF Foundation will work with the schools to distribute them.

Petrof has expressed concern that the deterioration of relations between the Czech Republic and China will further harm its business in China. Petrof pianos are also manufactured in China under other brands. Last year the company produced 6,000 instruments in China.

Vystrčil’s visit to Taiwan was criticized by China, which considers Taiwan a breakaway province. China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned the Senate President that he would pay a high price for breaking the one-China policy.