Le Pen to ENF Gathering – Must Defeat EU From Within or Face the End of Europe

Prague, Dec 16 (CTK) – The European Union in its present form is losing its breath and anti-immigration parties should take advantage of it and defeat the EU from within with their project of Europe of sovereign nations in the 2019 European elections, French far-right politician Marine Le Pen said in Prague today.


Institutions such as the European Commissions should cease to exist and borders between countries would be reintroduced, National Front leader Le Pen told a conference of anti-immigrant parties from the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) group in the European Parliament.


The EU elites are leading Europe towards its end and the European nations need to liberate themselves from the shackles of the EU, she said.


The ENF project of the Union of European Nations is not a utopia, but an alternative, Le Pen said. The project is based on mutual respect and voluntary participation, she added.


Tomio Okamura, leader of the Czech Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) movement that organised the conference, said sovereign European states should closely cooperate based on what is good for them.


Okamura said the SPD rejects the dictate of the current supranational structure that sponges on the alliance of European nations. European future lies in economic and political decentralisation, he said.


Jiri Kobza (SPD), deputy head of the Czech parliamentary foreign affairs committee, said the ERC is led by “neo-Marxist lunatics” who force member countries to accept tens of thousands of “unadaptable and vaguely identified immigrants.”


The EU is a sinking Titanic, Kobza said. “Our lifeboat is called Czexit,” he added.


Independent British MEP Janice Atkinson, who is a member of the ENF and an advocate of Brexit, appreciated the plan to leave the EU.


The conference hall looked like an election meeting with long applauding to every speker and flags being waved all the time.


The French daily Le Monde wrote it is no coincidence that the ENF conference is held in Prague. The anti-migrant parties want to use Okamura’s recent election success, it wrote.


Okamura was elected the deputy chairman of the lower house of parliament last month. The SPD has 22 MPs in the 200-seat house.