Leftist Groups Target Extreme Right ENF this Weekend

Prague, Dec 13 (CTK) – Czech far-left and anarchist groups plan to protest against the meeting of European extreme right parties from the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) group that will be organised by Czech populist leader Tomio Okamura (Freedom and Direct Democracy, SPD) in Prague this weekend.


French National Front leader Marine Le Pen and Dutch Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders are to arrive for the meeting among others. Some civic associations call for protests against the politics of fear and exclusion on the Czech Internet and hundreds of people seem to be planning to participate in them.


On Friday, the No To Racism group, the QAS queer anarchist group, the Christian-feminist group RFK and the Socialist solidarity group plan to stage a demonstration in the centre of the city.


The protesters plan to block the venue of the meeting of far-right parties in Prague-Chodov on Saturday morning, when the event is to start.


Leftist groups claim that the boom of right-wing populism is a reaction to the crisis of the modern society caused by neo-liberalism. Right-wing populists take advantage of the fear and uncertainty caused by this crisis, they say.


The SPD movement is the fourth strongest party in the Czech Republic and it has 22 lawmakers in the 200-seat lower house of parliament.


The ENF is a right-wing group with a nationalist, Eurosceptic and anti-immigrant ideology.


The Czech police will guard Wilders during his stay in the country because Islamic radicals openly call for his death because of his anti-Islam statements.


The Dutch police asked the Czech Foreign Ministry for this, Czech police spokeswoman Eva Kropacova told daily Lidove noviny (LN).


Representatives of right-wing populist parties from Austria, Belgium, Britain, Germany, Italy and Poland are to join the Prague meeting, too.