William Malcolm

Let Kunovice Sees Revenue And Profit Tumble

Aircraft Industries, a.s. operating as Let Kunovice reports sales of almost CZK 2 billion in 2019, down CZK 61 million crowns from the previous year. The aircraft manufacturer also saw profits decline year-over-year, falling from CZK 219 million in 2018 to CZK 133 million in 2019.

Last year the company delivered ten L 410 aircraft to Russia and three to Kazakhstan. In 2018, Let Kunovice exported 14 aircraft.

Last year, according to CEO Ilona Plšková, the company produced 16 aircraft. There were 15 L 410 aircraft and the first mass-produced L 410 NG aircraft, a new generation. The development of the machine has lasted since 2010 and cost over CZK 568 million. The modernized aircraft can cover almost twice the distance than older versions without the need for refueling. It will carry up to 19 passengers, or over two tons of cargo.

Last year, in accordance with the concluded framework agreement, the company continued to sell the aircraft of the Russian company Ural Civil Aviation Plant (UZGA). “Two border guard aircraft to Poland were also completed in the basic type condition. Their final completion, including all equipment for the MPA version, will take place in 2020, “said the company.

As in previous years, last year, the sale of aircraft accounted for its largest revenue share. “The second-largest revenues came from aircraft maintenance. The sale of spare parts and technological products also played an important role, “said the company’s representatives. The company also operates the private Kunovice International Airport.

At the end of last year, Aircraft Industries had 1107 employees, an increase of 136 year-on-year. The company is still looking for more employees.

Aircraft Industries is the largest Czech manufacturer of civil aircraft technology. It continues the eighty-year tradition of aircraft production in Kunovice. The aircraft plant’s main product is the twin-engine turboprop aircraft of the L 410 series, of which more than 1,200 have been manufactured and delivered worldwide. According to the company, almost a third of them are still in operation.

The company’s registered capital is CZK 112 million. The Russian company OSTOV owns the Kunovice based plane maker.