Lidl CR Sees Profit, Revenue Rise

In the past financial year, which ended on February 29 this year, the Lidl Czech Republic retail chain increased its sales by ten percent to approximately 63.6 billion crowns. Compared to the previous financial period, its net profit also increased, by about 900 million crowns to 5.8 billion crowns.

Thanks to the financial year 2018/2019, Lidl has become the largest domestic food chain. He overcame Kaufland, which had previously dominated the rankings. He has not yet published the annual report for the past economic period. Kaufland and Lidl belong to the same German retail group Schwarz.

At the end of February, Lidl operated 250 stores in the Czech Republic, supplied with four logistics centers. They opened his first two-story store in Písek and, in addition to the store itself, offers a partially covered car park with charging stations for electric cars and electric bicycles.

In the past financial year, the company employed about 7,500 people, spent 4.7 billion crowns on personnel costs, CZK 551 million more year-on-year. Wages from personnel costs amounted to 3.4 billion crowns.

“Lidl ČR expects the development of business activities in the following year at approximately the same pace as last year,” the company stated in the annual report for the past financial year.

Other food chains in the Czech Republic include Albert, which achieved sales of 55.3 billion crowns and a net profit of 95.9 million crowns. In the financial year 2019/2020, Tesco reported CZK 43 billion sales and a profit after tax of CZK 516 million. Penny Market, Billa or Globus, for example, also operate on the market.