Lucky 7 for Zeman – Presidential Candidates Assigned Ballot Numbers

Prague, Dec 15 (CTK) – Czech President Milos Zeman, who seeks re-election, was assigned number seven for the January election, while former Academy of Sciences head Jiri Drahos, his most significant competitor according to polls, received number nine in a lot drawing by the State Electoral Commission today.


Lyricist and businessman Michal Horacek has been assigned number two.


The candidacies of Zeman, Drahos and Horacek have been supported by the required signatures of at least 50,000 people.


Of the three candidates whose registration was backed by deputies, Skoda Auto former board chairman Vratislav Kulhanek received number six, Defence and Security Industry Association President Jiri Hynek received number four and musician and producer Petr Hannig received number five.


Out of the candidates proposed by senators, former ambassador to France Pavel Fischer received number three, physician and activist Marek Hilser received number eight and former PM Mirek Topolanek received number one.


The drawn numbers are to make the recognition of the individual candidates easier. They will determine their listing order on the election website and they will be printed at the head of the ballot paper for each candidate. The candidates may also use them in their election campaigns.


The first round of the direct presidential election is due on January 12-13.