Majority of Czechs Think State Debt too High

Prague, Feb 12 (CTK) – Three fifths of people consider the Czech Republic’s debt high, and two thirds think that citizens’ indebtedness is high, according to results of a January poll of CVVM public opinion research centre.


More than 60 percent see the state debt as a serious problem and 68 percent think this about the debt of citizens, CVVM said.


The share of people thinking the state debt is a serious issue has been decreasing since 2013, which goes for the citizen debt as well, however, at a slower pace.


A total of 20 percent of respondents said the Czech Republic’s debt is very high, while 40 percent thought it was rather high, 27 percent considered it adequate and 5 percent saw it as rather or very low.


In terms of household debt, 17 percent of those polled thought it was very high, 50 percent said it was rather high, 23 percent said it was adequate and 4 percent considered it rather or very low.


People with a household with a high standard of living and young people in the 15-19 age group see state debt as high less often, which was registered with people between 20 and 29 in case of the household debt.


The survey was carried out among 1,086 people over 15.


The state debt increased by Kc11.3bn to Kc1,620bn last year, with the per capita debt amounting to roughly Kc153,000.


Czech households owed Kc1,535bn to banks at the end of last year.