Matt Atlas

Netflix Limits Streaming Quality To Free Bandwidth

Netflix will reduce the speed and quality of its video streaming to help keep the Internet running smoothly in the EU at the request of the European Commission.

The network is overloaded because it is being used more in Europe by citizens forced by their governments to not go to work and school and stay at home because of the new coronavirus epidemic.

The restriction will last 30 days, which was requested by the European Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Breton to prevent the network from falling.

Netflix said it will reduce its service capacity in Europe by about 25 percent. Breton welcomed her decision.

“Mr. Hastings has shown a strong sense of responsibility and solidarity. We will be in touch to monitor the situation together,” said the European Commissioner.

Netflix offers access to movies, series, and TV shows on tablets, smartphones, computers, and game consoles. Since October, it has a Czech user interface with Czech subtitles and dubbing.