ODS Will Not Support ANO Government

Prague, Dec 11 (CTK) – The board of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS) passed a resolution that it will not support a minority Czech government of Andrej Babis’s ANO today, party leader Petr Fiala has told journalists.


Fiala said he did not yet know in what format the meeting with ANO leaders, planned by Babis for next week, would take place.


“We are naturally ready to negotiate and to discuss the government manifesto,” Fiala said.


“We wonder what things we consider good and reasonable for the Czech Republic will appear there,” Fiala said.


“ANO has formed a one-colour government without having negotiated on a majority in the Chamber of Deputies. This is quite an unusual tactic, so let us await further steps,” he added.


The ODS finished second behind ANO with 11.3 percent and 25 seats in the Chamber of Deputies in the October general election.


The party leaders also analysed the post-election talks and the party’s election campaign.


“We mainly succeeded by having a significantly right-wing program, which did not divide, but link right-wing voters,” Fiala said.


“It was comprehensible, based on concrete things,” he added.


“We will not compete with extremists and populists by extremism and populism,” Fiala said.


“This is not a way for a right-wing democratic party,” he added.