Petr Dubinsky

OKD Appoints New CEO

OKD’s Board of Directors has appointed Radim Tabasek CEO, replacing Michal Herman effective 7 January 2020.

Mr. Tabasek joined OKD in 1990 and, except for four years as a mining inspector in Ostrava, has been with the company until now. He has held positions at OKD as Director for Restructuring, Director for Reclamation and IT, Personnel Director, Director for Development, and until his appointment as Manager of the Center for Reclamation and Land.

The OKD mining company is the only black coal producer in the Czech Republic. Coal mines in the Karviná region in the ČSA, Darkov, ČSM-Sever and ČSM-Jih mines. The mines will see a gradual decline in the coming years. Since 2018, the company has been owned by the Prisko State. Around 8500 people now work with contractor workers in the Karviná mines.