Ivan Bartos

Petr Dubinsky

Opposition Launches Campaign Urging Young People To Vote

The Pirates and Mayors plan to reach out to young voters on Instagram and other online platforms to urge them to vote in the elections next month. The mobilization campaign “It’s not stolen from us” was launched today on the web and in the Prague café Rock Café with the participation of the chairmen of both parties Ivan Bartoš (Pirates) and Vít Rakušan (STAN) with the presentation of the program.

It includes, for example, the acceleration of construction proceedings, the end of coal burning by 2033 at the latest, universities without tuition fees, 20,000 professionals from school practice, and marriages for same-sex couples. Pirates and Mayors are also going to address the younger generation in the streets. They want to help young people, for example in their studies, to process their ballot papers.

“Let’s not let others decide our future. We no longer want to hunt our planet. We know that education needs change,” the video describes the priorities of the program. Others include justice, the fight against sexual violence, the digitized state, affordable housing, mental health, the country’s membership of the European Union, and equal rights for all, including marriage for same-sex couples.

The main part of the coalition campaign aimed at young people will take place on social networks. Höllge. At the same time, representatives of Pirates and STAN will try to support young people in going to the polls. In the student centers – Prague, Brno, Pilsen, and Olomouc – they plan to help students with the processing of voting cards, she added.

Through the Instagram and motto JdemeVolit, the coalition of Civic Democrats, People’s Party, and TOP 09 Together also addresses young voters with an invitation to come to the polls. The campaign began in early August.

The elections are held on October 8 and 9. The Coalition of Pirates and Mayors puts the latest election models in third place behind the government movement YES and the Coalition Together.