William Malcolm

Penny Launches Grocery Delivery In Pilsen

The Penny chain has launched its own e-shop called PennyDomů . Delivers purchases to customers through DoDo. It also ensures the preparation of orders. So far, it is offering the service in Pilsen, and if the pilot operation is successful, it plans to expand its online purchases to other locations. Penny Market said in a press release today. The COOP network has recently started to distribute food, and currently serves customers in South Moravia. Delivery is also provided via DoDo couriers.

Penny offers delivery delivery within two hours of ordering. The customer can order the purchase three days in advance and cancel the order four hours before the scheduled delivery. The minimum order amount is 500 crowns, shipping costs 69 crowns.

Penny Market started addressing online sales opportunities last year. “In June, our employees and, since September, selected customers began testing the system. We have now launched it for the general public in Pilsen,” said Radek Hovorka, the company’s CEO.

Penny will not have a special warehouse to prepare purchases, in the future it wants to use its network of about 400 stores. Couriers will deliver goods to customers from the nearest stores.

The COOP network launched an e-shop last year, and is currently connected to approximately 500 stores. The chain wants to expand the number of outlets by another 100 stores this year, in total the service should operate in a quarter of COOP stores, said Lukáš Němčík, director of network development and marketing. With delivery, it wants to focus on rural areas and smaller cities. According to Němčík, the service should complement the collection of goods in stores or automatic boxes.

From stone food chains, Tesco also sells goods on the Internet, as well as the Žabka network, which belongs to the company. The Albert chain launched a test run in the spring in Brno. He started in a smaller area of ​​the Moravian metropolis, gradually extended the service to the whole of Brno. “We commit ourselves and for customers free of charge,” said Albert Jiří Mareček, director of store communication. The e-shop has also been available to members of its My Shop retail store project since mid-last year. People must pick up the purchase at a selected store. Globus customers can also make online purchases. However, they must pick up the order in a hypermarket in Prague in Zličín.

In September, Bill announced the sale of goods on the Internet in September. He calculates that orders will either be delivered home or customers will be able to pick it up in stores. Both Billa and Penny Market are part of the international Rewe retail chain.

On-line supermarkets on the Czech market are dominated by Rohlik.cz and Košík.cz. Last year, the Kaufland company merged with the Košík.cz retailer, offering products of its own brands through it. Kaufland stores are now gradually adding their own Authentic Basket brand to their range. Durable food is also offered by the Mall.cz and Alza.cz e-shops.

According to Cushman & Wakefield, selling food on the Internet is the most dynamic industry in online commerce. Revenues from the sale of food in e-shops in the Czech Republic have grown by 106 percent per year in the last three years. The share of online food sales in total food sales in the Czech Republic is 4.2 percent. The average share in Europe is 4.4 percent, Cushman & Wakefield said earlier.