Petr Dubinsky

PM Babis Grilled Over Comments to Zeman to Dump Mynář and Nejedlý

For the first time in the role of the prime minister, Andrei Babis (ANO) experienced an interpellation on Thursday. MEP Věra Kovářová (STAN), for example, asked him why he advises President Milos Zeman to get rid of his colleagues until now.


Kovářová called her interpellation: “Bust in the Castle. Babiš questioned the castle chancellor Vratislav Mynář and Zeman’s adviser Martin Nejedlý. Babiš recently said that the president should get rid of his colleagues.


“Why do you give this advice to Zeman only after five years, what the gentlemen have spent at the Castle? These tips are untrustworthy. What did you do in 2014 as a member of the government, so that Mr. Mynar and Nejedl would not be dismayed? “Kovářová asked.


Babis told her that she did not decide on the staff at the Castle. “I told Mr. President what he should do to win the second round,” the Prime Minister explained.


Zeman also stood up when he said it was not true that he was Pro-Russian or Procinian. “Mr. President is fighting for the interests of Czech entrepreneurs in  Russia as well as in  China . In Russia he has solved the rumors of your governments, thieves. Be glad he was there, “said Babis.


Another of the speeches that the prime minister was targeting included African swine fever or Chinese asylum seekers’ requests.