PM Babis’s 1st Priority – New Luxury Offices for Government

Prague, Dec 18 (CTK) – New Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) would like to build a new government district in Prague to cut the operation costs, especially for rents, he said after a meeting of his minority cabinet that approved it policy statement today.


“A government district has a lot of sense, there are enormous synergies in terms of energies, management,” he said.


Babis said Paris was an inspiration for him. He said he talked to Emmanuel Macron, present French president, about the moving of government offices to one place some time ago.


He said the new government district might be build in Holesovice or Bubny.


When Babis recently inaugurated ministers of his cabinet, he said ministerial offices pay commercial rents in the city, about 400 million crowns a year.


Prague has a lack of office space in the long term, he added.


Babis said some old ministerial buildings in the historical centre of the city could turn into museums or galleries.


Deputy Prime Minister Richard Brabec (ANO) told journalists that until now the resistance of the clerks who do not want to move has always won.