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Police Halt Investigation Into Alleged Kidnapping Of Andrej Babis Jr

The police have halted the investigation into the alleged kidnapping of the prime minister’s son Andrej Babiš Jr. in 2017. There was no suspicion of a crime, and it was not appropriate to continue the investigation. A spokesman for the Prague City Public Prosecutor’s Office, Aleš Cimbala, said. According to him, the parties did not file a complaint against the police resolution within the time limit.

“On February 9, 2021, the police authority decided to postpone the case concerning the alleged kidnapping of the whistleblower into the territory of Ukraine and the restriction of his personal liberty,” Cimbala said. According to him, the victim could not be found. The law enforcement authorities exhausted all legal possibilities. “Despite this fact, the police authority found enough facts that were necessary for the decision. The public prosecutor accepted the decision as legal,” Cimbala added.

The spokesman added that no complaint had been filed against the police resolution. The deadline for her submission expired on Friday. The prime minister’s son, who has lived in Switzerland for a long time, said in an interview published today on the Seznam Zprávy  that he did not want the police to continue to investigate the case. Jan Lelek from the District Public Prosecutor’s Office for Prague 1, which supervised the case, Seznam Správy, said that the bodies active in criminal proceedings do not reflect such statements.

According to the media, the son of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) sent police e-mails in January 2018, in which he wrote that he had been abducted due to the case of a subsidy for the Stork’s Nest Farm. She accuses the prime minister and his former adviser. Babiš Jr. later stated in a covertly filed report on the Seznam Zprávy server, published in November 2018, that the then attending physician Dita Protopopová, Petr Protopopov, took him involuntarily to the Crimean peninsula annexed by Russia. The prime minister denied it. According to him, his son has schizophrenia. In a recent interview with Seznam Zprávy, Babiš Jr. stated that everything he said or wrote to the police from the beginning to the alleged kidnapping case was “sincere and true.”

According to Cimbala, the investigators dealt with, for example, the extent of Babiš Jr.’s cross-border trips, the reasons for these trips, and the scope of their stay abroad. They also requested relevant information through international legal assistance from the relevant Swiss and Ukrainian authorities. According to him, the proceedings’ length was influenced by the processing of requests for international aid.

“The circumstances of the parties’ state of health of the notifier and their impact on objectively ascertained facts were also ascertained.

According to Cimbala, the police did not interrogate Babiš Jr., although they asked for an interrogation. Even after the investigation, however, he can appear at the police and testify.

Police officers have already completed the investigation into the alleged abduction, and according to them, no crime has taken place. In the past, the iROZHLAS. Cz server stated that they were satisfied with the sent photo of Babiš Jr. and the newspaper’s current issue. Police said they did more in the case. After the publication of the List of News in 2018, the police began to re-examine the alleged abduction of Babiš’s son on suspicion of the crime of introduction and restriction of personal liberty, and the police officers who first closed the case were disciplined.

Babiš Jr., together with other members of the prime minister’s family, was charged in a case concerning a 50-million subsidy for the construction of the Stork’s Nest Farm. Their prosecution was finally stopped, so only the Prime Minister and his former adviser Jana Mayerová now face charges. The prime minister has long denied that anything illegal was happening around the farm. Mayer has said in the past that she believes the law has not been broken.