Polls Find People Trust YouTube Celebrities Over Zeman and Babis

Prague, Dec 18 (CTK) – Czechs trust local politicians even less than YouTubers and bloggers, as politicians are trusted by 16 percent of people, while YouTubers and bloggers are trusted by 17 percent, an October CVVM polling agency’s survey has shown.


Actors, athletes and journalists are trusted more than politicians.


Scientists turned out to be the most trustworthy, as 81 percent of respondents said they trusted their opinions in public matters.


The trust in politicians has dropped significantly since September 2016 when approximately one fourth of the respondents trusted them.


About one fifth of the respondents trusted foreign politicians and EU representatives.


One fourth of the respondents trusted journalists and church representatives, while well-known companies’ and NGOs’ representatives were trusted by almost one third.


People from international organisations such as the UN have the trust of approximately two fifths of the respondents, similarly to well-known actors and singers.


Apart from scientists, athletes, central bankers and economic analysts belong to the most trusted groups.


In general, Czechs tend to make decisions based on the opinions of experts, as 30 percent of the respondents trust their opinions more than those of ordinary people, 26 percent think the opposite and 30 percent of the respondents incline to neither of the two groups.


Compared to last year, the situation switched, because people trusting ordinary people’s opinions prevailed then.


According to CVVM, people with a poor living standard and leftist parties’ proponents tend to trust ordinary people’s opinions.


CVVM conducted the poll on October 9-19 on a sample of 934 inhabitants of the Czech Republic over 15.