Andrej Babis


Presidential Candidate Demands Capi Hnizdo Fraud Report be Released

Prague, (CTK) – The report of the EU Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) on an EU subsidy for the Capi hnizdo conference centre that was owned by current Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) should be published, presidential candidate Pavel Fischer told journalists today.


Fischer called on President Milos Zeman, who seeks re-election, to intervene in the case.


The Czech police accused Babis and further ten people of misusing the EU subsidy of 50 million crowns. The lower house of parliament is yet to decide whether it would release Babis for criminal prosecution.


Babis has denied any wrongdoing.


“As something serious is taking place, I have turned to Zeman,” Fischer said about the Capi hnizdo case.


It is scandalous that the authorities have not yet published the OLAF report. Zeman can ask Finance Minister Alena Schillerova to provide information on it, Fischer said.


Fischer recently sent a letter to Zeman asking him to join the election campaign. However, Zeman has refused to do so.


Fischer’s team boasted of the support he had received during his tours of Czech towns, calling it a “turquois revolution” according to the central colour of Fischer’s campaign.


Fischer said he would stage a rally in the Prague centre two days before the election, set for January 12-13. The possible second round may be held on January 26-27.


Former ambassador to France Fischer worked in the team of former president Vaclav Havel. He has decided to use Havel’s name to win the voters. He released Havel’s recordings in which he also features.


Support to Fischer has been expressed by a number of prominent personalities such as former dissidents Petr Pithart (a former Czech prime minister), Fedor Gal (now a sociologist), and Vaclav Maly (now a bishop) and former foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg, who was defeated by Zeman in the 2013 presidential contest.


Fischer’s chances are still meagre, as the latest poll say that he will win some 3-6 percent of the vote.