Presidential Candidate Horacek Sues Communist Riot Policeman Ondaracek for Slander

Prague, Jan 2 (CTK) – Czech presidential candidate Michal Horacek has filed a criminal complaint about Communist deputy Zdenek Ondracek because he accused him of having collaborated with the Communist secret service StB, Horacek spokesman Jiri Taborsky told journalists today.


Ondracek has declined to comment on the affair.


Horacek has decided to react to an interview with Ondracek, released by the portal Eurozpravy.cz in mid-December. In it, Ondracek said “according to accessible information, Horacek is a former foreign currency speculator and an StB collaborator with the cover name Sazkar (Better).”


Taborsky said the “accessible information” was from Horacek’s election web on which he himself had posted the StB file against him and a negative lustration certificate, proving that he never was any StB agent.


“Out of the materials, it must be clear to Ondracek that I was never a member of the Communist party, that I was not politically active and that I rejected the cooperation with StB,” Horacek said.


He said it was absurd that 28 years after he joined the Velvet Revolution, “he must demand in court an apology by the man who was a member of a riot regiment, beating demonstrators before the overthrow of the Communist regime.”


Ondracek told CTK he would not react to the criminal complaint.


“I do not intend to make any election campaign for Horacek,” he said.


In recent weeks, Horacek publicly protested against Ondracek having been elected the head of the lower house commission supervising the General Inspection of Security Forces (GIBS


Critics warned of Ondracek as he was a member of the communist riot police unit that took part in a crackdown on a peaceful demonstration against the regime in 1989.