Protesters Call For Babis To Resign Over Communist Alliance

Andrej Babiš, ANO, Capi hnizdo, Czechia, EU Subsidy Fraud, Miloš Zeman, Stork Nest

Prague, May 9 (CTK) – About 500 people protested against Prime Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) and his plan to rule the country with support from the Communist Party (KSCM) in Prague’s central square today.


The protesters called on President Milos Zeman to entrust somebody else than Babis with forming a government.


The organisers of the protest claim that the country has not had a full-fledged government for months because of the criminally prosecuted Babis who insists on being prime minister.


The Czech police accused Babis of an EU subsidy fraud related to the Capi hnizdo (Stork Nest) farm and conference centre.


The demonstrators marched through the town with EU flags and banners criticising Babis and Zeman. They criticised Babis and Zeman for returning the Communists to power.


The organisers said the return of the Communists to power is an evil thing.


The ANO movement and the Social Democrats (CSSD) agreed ob their possible minority cabinet supported by the KSCM.


Several vehicles with Russian flags and inscriptions drove to the place of the demonstration, which caused a commotion. The protesters chanted “Czechia is not Russia” and gathered around the vehicles. The police secured that the vehicles could drive away.