Dalai Lama visits Prague


Protesters Descend On China’s Embassy In Support Of Human Rights In Tibet

Andrej Babiš, China, Czechia, Miloš Zeman, Prague, Praha

Prague, March 10 (CTK) – About 200 people gathered outside the Chinese embassy in Prague within the worldwide Flag for Tibet campaign in support of human rights in Tibet held on today’s anniversary of the anti-Chinese uprising in Tibet that was fiercely crushed in 1959.


The event was organised by the Lungta group and the Amnesty International organisation.


Edita Kleckerova, from Lungta, said human rights continue to be violated in Tibet. She called on Czech politicians to talk with their Chinese counterparts about the situation.


“I have nothing against China, but I mind it very much that human rights are violated and people are stripped of their freedom of speech,” former culture minister Daniel Herman (Christian Democrats, KDU-CSL) said.


Herman wore a shawl he received from the Dalai Lama when they met in Prague a few years ago.


Participants in the event signed an international petition for the release of Tibetan language campaigner Tashi Wangchuk who has been in prison for two years.


Tibetan flags were hoisted by five regional offices, over 700 municipal offices and more than 100 schools and universities in the Czech Republic within the Flag for Tibet campaign remembering the victims of the anti-Chinese rebellion.