Protesters take to the Streets in Opposition of Europe of Nations and Freedom

Prague, Dec 15 (CTK) – A crowd of about 300 protested against the meeting of European anti-migrant parties from the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) group that will be organised by Czech populist leader Tomio Okamura (Freedom and Direct Democracy, SPD) in Prague this weekend.


The protesters met in the afternoon, distributing fliers with their slogans. Then they set out on a march across the town centre.


The rally was staged by left-wing activists, while more protest will be held on Saturday.


French National Front leader Marine Le Pen and Dutch Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders are to arrive for the meeting.


There were ten police offcers watching the demonstrators who had small drums and a sound system, accompanying their chanting and singing.


“In the parliament, there is the brown right, we will fill the towns, the streets, we are an anti-Fascist coalition, they will not defeat us!” one of the chanted slogans said.


The banners said FCK SPD, United Europe, Stand up, damned of the Earth, and Social Justice instead of Racism, Nationalism and Xenophobia.


Representatives of right-wing populist parties from Austria, Belgium, Britain, Germany, Italy and Poland are to join the Prague meeting, too.


They want to publish their visions regarding further cooperation of the countries in Europe. They want the EU to be replaced with a cooperation of sovereign countries, but with the preservation of the free movement of persons, services, goods and capital.