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Renata Kellnerova Tops Forbes List Of Richest Czechs

Renáta Kellnerová is at the top of this year’s ranking of the richest Czechs, compiled by Forbes magazine. The 54-year-old widow of the owner of the PPF investment group, Petr Kellner, who tragically died at the end of March this year, has assets of 374.7 billion crowns , according to a ranking published today . It is almost 82 billion crowns more than her husband’s property last year. The assets of the hundreds of the richest Czechs have risen from 1.3 to 1.64 trillion crowns this year. There are nine newcomers to this year’s list, the first of them even in 26th place.

This year, Karel Komárek took second place with assets worth 117.8 billion crowns. The owner of KKCG, who also controls Sazka, was fifth last year. He took down real estate magnate Radovan Vítek in third place with assets worth 103 billion crowns. The owner of the Energy and Industrial Holding (EPH), Daniel Křetínský, finished fourth this year with 87.8 billion crowns. The prime minister and chairman of the ANO movement, Andrej Babiš, descended from fourth to fifth place. Forbes estimates his assets at 74.9 billion crowns, which is almost a billion more than last year. The wealth of the richest people in the Czech Republic in the first sixteen places of the ranking increased compared to last year, in the whole hundred the decrease or stagnation of property is evident in 14 names.

According to Forbes, this year’s ranking reflects the pandemic period and has a number of changes. There are nine newcomers in it and for the first time it is ruled by a woman. Until the Kellner inheritance is settled, Kellner and her family will be listed as owners of a number of companies worth 374.7 billion crowns.

Newcomers to the rankings have never been so high. Thirty-eight-year-old Tomáš Čupr, the founder and co-owner of Rohlik.cz, is in 26th place, the founder of ShipMonk, Jan Bednář (30 years old), is 32nd. Zdeněk Šoustal (46) and Milan Kratina (36) from Accolade, Josef Průša (31) and Ondřej Průša (43) from Prusa Research, Kijonka from Zásilkovna and Marcel Soural (56) from Trigema and Hubert Palán also got into the ranking. (43) from the Productboard startup. According to Forbes, this shows that the e-commerce sector and technology startups have been extremely successful.

Aleš Zavoral, the founder of the online department store Alza.cz, became the Jumper of the Year. Forbes estimates his assets at 65 billion crowns.

Ranking of the richest Czechs according to Forbes magazine (TOP 10):

NameAssets in billions of CZK (2021)Difference compared to 2020 (in billions of CZK)
1.Renáta Kellnerová374.7+ 81.7
2.Karel Komárek117.8+ 46.8
3.Radovan Vítek103+ 17
4.Daniel Křetínský87.8+ 9.8
5.Andrej Babiš74.9+ 0.9
6.Aleš Zavoral65+ 47
7.Pavel Baudiš53.5+ 2.5
8.Pavel Tykač33.4+ 1.4
9.Eduard Kučera29.5+ 0.5
10.Marek Dospiva26+ 0.7