Sales Grow Kc5.6 Million For TAJMAC-ZPS

Zlin, South Moravia, July 23 (CTK) – TAJMAC-ZPS, producer of machining centres and multispindle automatic lathes, saw its sales grow by Kc5.6m to Kc1.464bn in the financial year ending in September 2017, its profit going down to Kc98.8m from Kc108m annually, said the annual report on the website www.justice.cz.


The company lacked the capacity to meet demand for its products, the reason being a favourable economic development on its key export markets and the fact that many of its products fulfil Industry 4.0 (fourth industrial revolution) parameters, said the report.


The number of employees topped 700, which was a rise from 682 in the previous financial year. Average wages increased to Kc30,057 from Kc29,874 in annual terms.


“We’ve managed to compensate for wage growth driven unfortunately by a lack of qualified workers on the labour market in recent years,” the report said.


The company also offset a write-off growth of more than Kc14.5m caused by a markedly higher rate of investments in production capacities in the last business year. The investments will raise revenues in the coming years, the report said.


Exports made up 65 percent of sales, up from less than 61 and 50 percent in the previous financial years. Most of the output went to Italy. Major markets are also Germany, India, the USA and Slovakia.