Senate Backs Air Transport Agreement With Saudi Arabia

Prague, Aug 15 (CTK) – The Czech Senate today approved ratification of an agreement on air transport services between the Czech Republic and Saudi Arabia, which it rejected last year after some senators raised objections against human rights violations in Saudi Arabia.


The government submitted the proposal for ratification again.


The Transport Ministry is interested in having business relations between the Czech Republic and Saudi Arabia regulated by an agreement, Minister Dan Tok said.


Before this year’s summer season, national air carrier Czech Airlines (CSA) registered problems with obtaining permissions for flights to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia requires a ratified agreement between both countries for regular operation in the summer season of 2019, Tok noted.


CSA transported 4,800 passengers on Prague-Riyadh flights last year, generating a total of Kc35m. A failure to ratify the agreement would cause lost profits worth up to Kc60m next year, Tok said.


The agreement will empower the two countries’ air carriers to cross the other country’s airspace, land in its territory and load and unload passengers at selected places.


It will also enable Czech and Saudi air carriers to open their offices and offer their services in the partner country.