Czech Senator Vaclav Laska standing at podium


Senators Form New Group Led By Vaclav Laska: Liberal Democracy Club

Prague, June 4 (CTK) – The Czech Senate has six groups again since a new one was formed, called the Liberal Democracy Club – Senator 21, associating the senators for the Greens and Pirates along with Tomas Golan, who was elected for the Senator 21 movement in a recent by-election, the Greens said today.


The five-member group is headed by the chairman of the movement, Vaclav Laska (elected for the Greens). It also includes Eliska Wagnerova, Petr Orel and Ladislav Kos.


The new group provides the senators for small parties and independents with better chances to cooperate and more space for their work. A senator group must have at least five members


“Stress on the development of education, nature conservation, pro-Western value focus, support for the EU and NATO, human rights protection and the freedom of individual. These are the main values which link the senators of the group,” the Greens said.


This spring, a different senator group ended. It also had five members. However, after Golan’s predecessor Frantisek Cuba (Citizens Rights Party, SPO) stepped down in the spring, it ceased to exist.


In the autumn, there will be the election to one-third of the 81-member upper house. The new group must win at least one post of senator because Wagnerova will not be defending her mandate if it is not to end, too.