Skoda Forms Russian Joint Venture: Sinara-Skoda

Skoda Transportation

Skoda Transportation and the Russian company Sinara Group set up a joint venture in Russia to manufacture metro, tram, and trolleybuses. Both parties hold equal shares in the new company. Sinara-Skoda will be headquartered in St. Petersburg, Russia. Which has the second-largest and rapidly expanding transport system in the country.

Sinara Group is a Russian investment company from Ekaterinburg, founded in 2001. It invests mainly in real estate, transport engineering, and financial services. It’s subsidiary, Sinara – Transport Machines is engaged in the production and servicing of locomotives and other vehicles.

The group sees the Sinara Group as a stable and reliable partner with which to develop the production of electric vehicles in Russia.

The St. Petersburg company OOO VAGONMAŠ from the Škoda Transportation Group has supplied 24 metro trains NevVa for St. Petersburg to Russia in recent years. The beginnings of the project date back to 2007, when the prototype of the car Neva was developed.