Bratislava, March 13 (CTK) – The government parties, Smer-Social Democracy (Smer-SD), the Slovak National Party (SNS) and Most Hid, have not agreed on a solution to the coalition crisis yet, SNS and parliament chairman Andrej Danko said and did not rule out talks on the PM’s replacement being conducted.


The parties tried to find a way out after Most-Hid made its continuation in the government of Smer-SD chairman Robert Fico conditional on calling an early election.


“We are discussing various alternatives. No progress has been achieved in any point. If someone is talking about early elections, I am not against this,” Danko said after a meeting with the other two parties’ chairmen, Fico and Bela Bugar (Most -Hid).


Bugar said on Monday that Fico had refused to talk on the possibility of early elections.


It is not known by when Most-Hid wants to negotiate with its coalition partners before it decides to possibly leave the government coalition that would thereby lose its majority in the 150-seat parliament.


Earlier today, the SNS said it would negotiate with the two coalition partners about an early election only if the current cabinet fell or its operation were paralysed.


A possible replacement of the prime minister means the fall of the whole government. A new cabinet would have to ask parliament for confidence.