Bratislava, March 7 (CTK) – Three Slovak opposition parties want to a hold a no-confidence vote in Prime Minister Robert Fico’s coalition government over the recent murder of investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his girlfriend.


Kuciak and his girlfriend, both 27, were shot dead in their house in Velka Maca village, west Slovakia, in late February. The police said Kuciak’s work as an investigative journalist might have been the motive of the crime.


In his last, unfinished article, Kuciak described the activities of Italian businesspeople linked to mafia in eastern Slovakia, and their alleged ties with Fico’s aides. Some of them resigned from their posts in recent days.


The coalition government is comprised of Fico’s Smer-SD, Most Hid and the Slovak National Party (SNS).


The opposition does not have enough votes to have the no-confidence motion passed in the parliament.


Most opposition parties called on Fico earlier to dismiss Interior Minister Robert Kalinak (Smer-SD), but he has refused to do so.


Fico said the opposition was working on a coup.


“This is nothing less but a coup. The opposition has confirmed that it does not care about the investigation of the murder. For it, the tragic death of the young people is a lift to power,” Fico said.


“Slovakia will not be helped by any cosmetic changes, but by a basic renewal of the trust in institutions and justice,” Veronika Remisova, from the opposition Ordinary People and Independent Personalities (OLaNO), told journalists.


She said it was not enough to dismiss Kalinak and Police President Tibor Gaspar.


It is not yet clear when the extraordinary parliament session, to debate the confidence vote, will be held. The parliament chairman must call it within seven days after it is proposed.


The opposition wants to wait until the end of the consultations President Andrej Kiska started with parties today.


Kiska is for a government reshuffle or early election, rejected by Fico.


Kalinak’s dismissal is also demanded by Most-Hid. Fico said he would offer a solution within which Most-Hid would stay in the government.


The coalition parties are to negotiate next week.