STAN Proposes Resolution To Block Departure From NATO

Andrej Babiš, ANO, KSCM, NATO, SPD

Prague, June 8 (CTK) – The Mayors and Independents (STAN) will try to have a resolution passed in the Senate that would beforehand reject the enactment of a referendum on the Czech Republic’s leaving NATO and the EU, STAN leader Petr Gazdik said at the STAN programme conference today.


No constitutional bill on referendum can be passed without the consent of the upper house.


“We will propose a resolution that a referendum on international affairs must not be passed by the Senate,” Gazdik said in connection with the efforts of some lawmakers to enact a plebiscite on the Czech Republic’s leaving the Euroatlantic structures, on which the Communists (KSCM) and the Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) are insisting.


Both the current and future senators for STAN should also reject this within the campaign before the October Senate election, Gazdik said.


“As an exchange for the backing for its government,” Prime Minister Andrej Babis wants to “approve the things that are in conflict with the constitution or threaten the Czech Republic,” Gazdik said.


At the time of a hybrid war “our opponents” would like to bring chaos and bring about the Czech Republic’s leaving NATO and the EU, he added.


The current minority government of ANO, which is in a caretaker capacity, discussed three proposals to enact the general referendum.


It rejected a proposal by the KSCM, it adopted a neutral stance on the SPD proposal and it backed the version presented by the CSSD.


According to the latest negotiations, the version under which up to half a million citizens will have to be needed to call a referendum is standing the biggest chance of being endorsed in the Chamber of Deputies.


Under the proposal, the referendum is to be valid if there is the participation of one-third of the voters.


The senators are sceptical of all the versions.


The CSSD has the most representatives in the 81-member upper house, the KSCM one and the SPD no senator.


Babis’s next government is to be composed of his ANO and the Social Democrats and it is to rely on the Communist backing.