State Environmental Fund Controls Kc9 Billion

Prague, July 7 (CTK) – The State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic (SFZP) dealt with 8.7 billion crowns last year, using the means for the protection and improvement of the environment, the annual report on its finances, to be passed to the government on Tuesday, has said.


The biggest part of the sum, 6.8 billion crowns, was spent on the projects financed from the European operational programme. It was roughly triple the sum the fund paid out in 2016.


The fund mediates the gaining of the European money from the Environment Operational Programme (OPZP) 2014-2020.


Overall, the Czech Republic can gain 2.71 billion euros from the programme.


Last year, 6.8 billion crowns were transferred via the SFZP to Czech environmental projects, while it was 2.2 billion a year before.


In 2016, some 2.5 billion crowns were also spent from the previous programme period.


Along with the money in support of the projects from the OPZP 2014-2020, another 1,6.billion crowns were going to the New Green Savings Programme focusing on energy conservation in housing. In 2016, it was one billion crowns.


Along with administering the European and Czech money, the fund provides advantageous loans for the applicants who do not have the required additional participation. Last year, it concluded contracts for the sum of almost 50 million crowns.