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Matt Atlas

Survey: Online Retailers Unhappy With Czech Post

Czech Post is the most popular logistics service provider in the Czech Republic. The state-owned enterprise has over 3,200 services points across the country and recently announced it will increase it annual parcel network capacity from 45 to 60 million.


But now there are many complaints about the delivery service. APEK, the Czech ecommerce association, decided to carry out a survey on these allegations of poor service.  They found that the cases have increased in which the customers have found only a pick-up slip in the mailbox. Nevertheless, they had to pay the same price for delivery.


In the past three months, half of the more than 40,000 Czech online shops received at least one complaint, APEK said. Post spokesman Matyáš Vytík said he did not know the results of the survey.


According to APEK managing director Jan Vetyška, one of the advantages of buying the Internet is that you can have the goods delivered directly to your home, saving you time. In the past, individual parcel service providers would only have left a notification out of negligence, instead of delivering the goods. “Today it all looks more like a systematic approach,” says Vetyška.


However, Vytík believes that the Czech Post is always trying to hand over the parcels. “If the delivery is then deposited at the postal service, that is because the addressee was not found at home,” said the spokesman. The Association of Czech E-Commerce, however, sees this critically. If the goods are delivered directly, the customer is usually responsible and not the delivery service, explained Jan Vetyška.