Petr Dubinsky

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Praises Havel, Kubera And Vystrčil

Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu praised former Czech President Vaclav Havel and former and current Senate Speakers Jaroslav Kuber and Milos Vystrcil (both ODS) in Prague today for their democratic values. At the international conference on its cooperation with Taiwan, he also highlighted the Czech Republic as a trading partner and a country that supports the island state.

“I would like to commend the Czech Republic for being the first to take the lead in supporting and connecting with Taiwan, setting an extraordinary example for others. We may be thousands of miles apart, but we share shared visions and values, “Wu said, adding that both countries have their own experiences of authoritarian regimes.

“Havel’s legacy lasts not only in his native country, but worldwide thanks to the people he inspired to strive for freedom and democracy. One of these people is the President of the Czech Senate Miloš Vystrčil, who led the delegation to Taiwan despite strong opposition,” he added. Wu.

Vystrčil visited Taiwan last year at the turn of August and September, despite the disapproval of Beijing, President Milos Zeman and Prime Minister Andrei Babish (YES). At that time, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang I stated that Vystrčil would “pay a high price” for violating the principle of one China for visiting an island nation, which China considers part of it.

The plan to visit Taiwan in October 2019 was also announced by the then President of the Senate and Vystrčil’s predecessor Kubera. The Chinese embassy in Prague subsequently threatened retaliation against Czech companies if the visit took place. At a meeting with Zeman last January, Kubera received a letter in which the Chinese embassy warned against traveling to Taiwan. About a week later, Kubera died suddenly of a heart attack.

Today’s conference is part of a mission of the Taiwanese business delegation, which is attended not only by the Minister of Foreign Affairs but also by Minister of Science and Technology Wu Cung-cong. On Monday, representatives of the Czech Republic and Taiwan signed five new memoranda to expand their cooperation in Internet security, the space industry, the development of catalyst technologies or precision engineering. On Tuesday, Senator Jiří Drahoš (for STAN) confirmed that he is planning a postponed trip to the island state next year.

Vystrčil negotiated with Wu on economic cooperation or cybersecurity

Senate President Miloš Vystrčil (ODS) met today with Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu on economic cooperation and cyber security. He pushed it out at today’s press conference in the Senate. In the afternoon, Wu will meet with the mayor of Prague, Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates).

“On the one hand, we discussed other possibilities of mutual economic cooperation, we also touched on cyber security quite significantly. We also received an offer from the Taiwanese side to cooperate quite closely in these matters,” said Vystrčil.

Wu said he appreciated the award from the chairman of the upper house. This is his first visit to the Czech Republic. He said the medal was not just for him, but for the Taiwanese people, who are courageous and protect freedom, democracy and human rights. “The medal also belongs to my country, which seeks to participate in the work of international organizations,” Wu added.

China, which considers Taiwan a part of it, protested against the Czech Republic’s official acceptance of Taiwanese ministers. Last year, it strongly opposed the visit of the Czech delegation to Taiwan. It threatened political and economic sanctions. The criticism was repeated by the Chinese embassy in Prague on Tuesday and today.

“We cannot succumb to the fact that we must live as others wish. It is our duty to promote our views, our concept of freedom, our will, our concept of democracy and the rule of law,” Vystrčil said. According to him, today’s meeting is proof that the Czech Republic is a sovereign and independent state.