William Malcolm

Tatra Trucks Lands Deal With German Fire Brigade

Tatra Trucks will deliver 41 special fire trucks to Germany. According to the contract, the Brandenburg fire brigade will receive new Tatra trucks in 2021 and 2022. The automaker won the contract in cooperation with THT Polička, a traditional partner of theirs in this area. The company did not state the monetary amount of the contract.

“The new trcuks will intervene mainly in wooded areas, which is why the German customer also demanded cars with very good passability through difficult terrain,” said Čírtek. The company offered Tatra Force 4×4 cars equipped with Cummins engines with an automatic transmission. “THT Polička is in charge of the construction and integration of the fire truck superstructure,” the spokesman added.

Tatra Trucks manufactures production trucks as well as custom vehicles. In 2018, it produced 851 cars, including whole vehicles and chassis, in 2017 it was 1,481 vehicles. About 80 percent of the carmaker’s production is exported. Last year, the company generated an operating profit before depreciation of CZK 365 million. Its revenues increased year-on-year by more than two billion to CZK 5.88 billion. The majority owner of the Tatra is the Czechoslovak Group of Michal Strnad. Tatra Trucks has over 1000 employees, and 600 people work in the subsidiary Tatra Metalurgie.