William Malcolm

Tesla Launches Model Y In Czech Republic

The carmaker Tesla has started the official sale of its Model Y car in the Czech Republic. Its price starts at 1.7 million crowns and delivery is now estimated for September this year. Elona Muska also announced that it will increase the prices of its Model S and Model X cars. According to the Electrek website, the price of these cars will increase by five thousand dollars, ie by approximately 110 thousand crowns.

The price will also increase for the new Tesla Model S Plaid, which went on sale last month. The American carmaker is thus continuing the rise in prices, which has already affected, for example, the Model 3 and Model Y this year. Tesla associates this fact with an increase in costs from supply chains, claims the Electrek website. 

At the same time, during the update of its online configurator, the carmaker decided to increase the price of the basic version of the Long Range electric sedan. Tesla increased the price by five thousand dollars, ie by approximately 110 thousand crowns. In the case of the Dual Motor version, the price will jump from $ 79,990 to $ 84,990, ie approximately 1.8 million crowns. 

Last month, Tesla launched deliveries of the new Model S, including a model with a new version of the Plaid that offers better performance, range, and efficiency. Last month, it also recorded an increase in prices by ten thousand dollars, ie by approximately 220 thousand crowns. However, the base price of the Model X has also increased, which now starts at $ 94,990, ie more than two million crowns. 

Interestingly, the Model X in the Plaid version is now ten thousand dollars cheaper than the Model S Plaid, while the basic version of the Model X is ten thousand dollars more expensive than the basic version of the Model S. As for the new version of the Model X, Tesla is still shipping procrastinate. However, the first deliveries of the new electric SUV are expected to begin soon.