William Malcolm

Tomas Budnik Acquires Cotring And Zeleznicni Dodavatelska

Tomáš Budník’s Thein investment group has completed two acquisitions of industrial companies. For a total of hundreds of millions of crowns, it acquired 100% of the shares in Cotring and Železniční Dodavatelská. 

Both companies have a long tradition and regular Czech and international customers not only in the rolling stock segment but in the case of Cotring also in other industries.

“The acquisitions are part of our strategic plan in the field of railway transport and complement our previous acquisition of Ponec. In addition to helping the group expand into Western markets, the acquisitions also create new synergies within the group that will make production and deliveries to customers more efficient and better, ”says Tomáš Budník, owner of Thein Group.

The Brno Cotring plant is primarily engaged in welding parts and structures for the railway, food, and chemical industries with more than 90 percent of customers in Western Europe.

Železniční Dodavatelská S.r.o. specializes in spare parts for rail vehicles, of which it is the largest supplier in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The main customers include České dráhy and the Slovak national carrier Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko, and its clients also include private carriers in Central and Eastern Europe. 

Thein is an investment group of former O2 mobile operator Tomáš Budník, which focuses on technology companies in the field of ICT, cybersecurity, and industry from the Czech and Slovak Republics. In its portfolio, in addition to the newly acquired companies, it currently has only the engineering company Ponec. 

Thein also shares a fund with the J&T group of Patrik Tkáč, who is also a co-owner of the publisher of the daily E15. The fund, called J&T Thein SICAV, focuses primarily on investments in technology companies in the field of ICT infrastructure, cybersecurity, and application development for cloud solutions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. His portfolio includes companies such as Aitcom, Network, and net.pointers.