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Trump Sacks EU Envoy Over Impeachment Testimony

Gordon Sondland, the US Ambassador to the European Union, has been recalled by President Trump. The move is widely seen as retaliation against Sondland for his testimony during the impeachment hearings.

The diplomat announced on Friday that Trump decided to terminate his mission immediately. The information came after the firing of White House NSA Alexander Vindman under similar circumstances.

“I was told today that the President intends to dismiss me with immediate effect as US Ambassador to the European Union,” Sondland said in a Friday statement.

The State Department called on the Ambassador to resign as part of the “purge.” Sondland said he refused and told them they would have to fire him. “And that’s what happened,” says NYT reporter Peter Baker on Twitter
Trump continues to insist that his phone calls were “perfect” on Twitter.

After getting rid of the burden of impeachment, President Donald Trump took revenge on his enemies, wrote CNN analyst Chris Cillizza. The impeachment hearing ended Wednesday night when the Senate Republican majority voted to acquit the president.