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Trump should quit and ‘not be embarrassing’: Zeman

It would be wiser for Donald Trump to quit and not be embarrassing, allowing the new president to take office, said President Milos Zeman in an interview with Parlamentni listy. The current Republican White House chief still refuses to acknowledge the defeat in the recent US presidential election and the victory of his Democratic rival Joe Biden. He argues against alleged electoral fraud, which he wants to defend against by recalculating votes in some states or questioning the court’s results.

Zeman was surprised that the media announced Biden’s victory. “And not, as is the case, for example, in a more cultured country, that is, in the Czech Republic, the election commission,” he said.

“However, whatever the electoral legislation, there are several steps that can be taken, whether it is recounting where the difference was minimal or going to court. I myself think it would be far more sensible to give it up without being embarrassed and to allow the new president to take office, “Zeman said.

Like most foreign politicians, the Czech president congratulated Biden on his election to the United States on Saturday, November 7, after his victory was announced by all major media in the United States, based on the forecasts of the votes obtained. In a congratulatory letter, Zeman said that US voters had expressed a willingness to change and appreciated Biden’s services to United States citizens in the past. He believes in cooperation, not in the US economic restrictions on Europe, with which he has long and profoundly disagreed.

Other Czech politicians also expect the new administration to strengthen Czech-American relations and transatlantic cooperation.

Zeman has now stated that it is necessary to wait at least half a year before evaluating how the new president and his government’s policies will affect the Czech Republic’s relations. “What you say before the election is not always the same as what you say and do after the election,” the Czech president added.