Trust In European Union Rises: Polls

Andrej Babiš, European Union, Miloš Zeman

Prague, May 14 (CTK) – Czechs’ trust in the future of the united Europe has increased by 5 percentage points to 44 percent since last year, but their stance on the euro adoption remains the same as 73 percent reject it, which is the same as in 2017, according to a CVVM poll released today.


The negative stance on the single European currency considerably prevailed for the first time in 2010. Since 2011, about three-quarters of Czechs have disagreed with its adoption, while this figure dropped under 70 percent in June 2011 and April 2015 only.


“More people agreed than disagreed [with the euro adoption] in 2001-2005, while in 2006-2009, both camps were more or less equal,” the pollsters said.


Asked about the EU integration level in the future, the highest share or 48 percent are of the view that it should remain the same as now. This is five percentage points more than last year and the highest share since 2012 when this question was included in the poll for the first time.


The other possibilities are supported by almost unchanged share of respondents. One-quarter of them want the EU integration level to loosen and 14 percent support its strengthening.


Since last year, she share of people who want to preserve the Czech Republic’s current level of involvement in the EU has increased by 4 percentage points to 46 percent.


The shares of respondents who support the strengthening and weakening of the Czech involvement in the EU have not changed and remain balanced – 22 percent and 25 percent, respectively.


The Centre for Public Opinion Research (CVVM) conducted the poll on a sample of 1000 respondents over 15 in the first half of April.