Matt Atlas

Two Czech Firms Make FT List Of Fastest Growing Companies

The Financial Times published its fifth ranking of the fastest-growing European companies. The list contains a total of a thousand startups. According to the server, half of them saw sales or profit fall last year. The reason is a persistent pandemic, but Brexit or another event also played a role for some. This time, only two Czech representatives are among the thousand fastest-growing companies in Europe.

Number one in the comprehensive list of companies was occupied by the British energy company Bulb Energy, which increased by a respectable 1,159 percent in the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) indicator. The company focuses on providing clean energy sources.

A fintech company occupied the second position. It is a Latvian company Sun Finance, which increased by 752 percent in the CAGR indicator. The imaginary bronze is again taken by British society. Everflow, one of the UK’s leading providers of drinking water, has improved by a total of 465 percent.

In addition to energy, fintech, or technological companies, we also find battery manufacturers in the top ten. The Swedish company Polarium Energy Solutions, which, thanks to a growth of 315 percent in the CAGR indicator, reached seventh place in the ranking.

The first Czech company in the ranking are in 332nd place, Building internal systems with a growth of 80 percent. The second Czech representative is the technology company Deneva, which ranked 873 with 40 percent.

Top 10 fastest growing companies in Europe:

Bulb Energy (UK) – energetika
Sun Finance (Latvia) – fintech
Everflow Group (UK) – Energy
Glencar Construction (UK) – construction
Spyrosoft (Poland) – technologies
Hummingbird Games (Germany) – Technology, game development
Polarium Energy Solutions (Sweden) – battery production
Veit Shopfitting (Germany) – interior production
Crossflow Payment Solutions Trading (UK) – fintech
Swapfiets (Netherlands) – bicycle sharing

It is interesting that for all companies placed in the top ten this year, this is the overall premiere in the Financial Times rankings.

The Financial Times mainly uses the CAGR figure for the ranking. It is a complex annual growth rate and an indicator that measures the return rate on investment for the entire duration of the investment or the rate of return on investment.